Pig (ABC No. 299798)

Pig is a daughter of Jill and at four months old she was keen to birds and sheep.  Pig's grandfather was the 1999 Scottish National Champion, Whiterose Kep, and her lines to back to two Great Britain International Champions, Amanda Milliken's Craig and Julie Simpson's Moss.  She has natural balance and the attitude to get the job done.  At just five months old, she started helping us gather up our Indian Runner Ducks on the farm.  She is full of personality, has a sense of humor and can read a human like an open book.  As a small puppy her playmate of choice was a 130 pound Anatolian.  She has turned into a phenomenal working dog - she is dependable and always ready to go.  We are delighted to have her as a member of the working team!  Her DNA is Normal for CEA (both parents tested Normal) and her hips were rated Good by OFA at 17 months.

  On the job...                                                                                       Are you coming?  We have geese to move!

In hot pursuit...

And at home...
Pictures below taken October 2008 by Dottie Clements:

Pig is extremely fast and athletic.  I am amazed at the precision and skill
with which she can manuever herself!.  

"Awwww Come on, just one bite?"

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