Frequently Asked Questions about Border Collies...

Do Border Collies make good pets?

Yes and no.  They are very intelligent and have a high energy level.  If you are committed to having a fun and active dog, then yes, they make wonderful pets.  You need to teach them basic obedience, be a calm yet assertive owner (leader) and exercise them by walking, hiking, playing ball, teaching them new things etc.  However, if you are not committed to fitting them into your life, you will become the frustrated owner of a frustrated dog.  This is really true of any breed, not just Border Collies. 

How much time does having a pet dog take?  I work full-time.

I work full time and have eleven dogs, so it can be done!  You just have to schedule time in the morning (1/2 hour) to feed, walk and play with the dog and time in the evening to feed and really work with them.  (3/4 hour)  However, you don't have to be training your dog to have quality time with them.  You can scratch ears and watch TV at the same time.  Personally, I can roll a ball with my feet and play fetch while fixing dinner.  The great thing about puppies is that they sleep a lot and you can only work with them for a few minutes at time because they have a short attention span.  I can squeeze in 10 minutes several times a night to work a puppy.

Are they easy to housebreak?

If a puppy is raised by a clean mother, then they should be easy to crate train and housebreak.  I have not had any trouble with the Border Collies I have had and will be happy to assist any new owner with housebreaking and will provide step by step instructions.

Is owning a dog expensive?

Not really.  I am a firm believer in proper care and preventative maintenance!  You can expect to pay between $40 and $70 per month on flea/tick control, heartworm preventative, food and treats.   

Do they bark?

It depends on the individual and how they are raised.  If you allow a dog to constantly bark for no reason, then it just becomes a habit.  But as a breed, they do bark quite a bit.  It is a good idea to teach a "quiet" command.  Most house pets don't bark as much as those dogs kenneled outside.  If your dog gets enough stimulation and training, they should not become nuisance barkers.  There are training aids you can use to control unwanted barking. 

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