Updates from owners - Border Collie Puppy Pictures!  (scroll down for most recent)

Jesse - Pictured at 15 weeks is going to be an obedience and agility dog! (Jill x Tweed) 


I too am amazed how easy it has been to crate train Jill's puppies. Jesse is doing great. He is active, but also easy to manage. I will be starting to get him used to a leash this weekend. Again, I am very impressed with your dogs and will highly recommend you to those interested in obtaining a Border Collie or Anatolian."  - Al  S.


Penny - pictured at 16 weeks - went on her first vacation this summer!  (Lass x McCloud)

"Penny is doing well and she had a fun time on vacation this summer.  We go on walks in the morning and throw her toys endlessly in the evening.  She’s a very loving pup.  Thanks." - Gregg L.  

Apollo is also going to be an obedience and agility dog!  He lives with his family in PA.  

"[At 12 weeks] He started puppy class. They do agility there as well and let the puppies go through the tunnels to get used to strange things - and he loves the tunnels!  He knows sit down and rollover (has for several weeks) we are working on stay come and heel."  - Connie G. 

Apollo again!

"Just thought I'd let you know that Finn
(short for Finnegan) is doing very well. 
He is really a joy.  I had to take him on a
trip with me to the other side of the state for
a family reunion.  He traveled like a real
trooper, charmed my whole family, and behaved
himself in the motel room.  He is ruling the
roost with our other two dogs.  He can't understand
why the cats don't like him, yet. He is growing like a
weed--already outgrew the first crate. He sleeps
all night in a crate in our room.  Oh yeah, he loves
to chew shoes."  – Pat L. (Jill x Tweed)

Finnegan (Jill x Tweed) at 4 months.  

"He is a super puppy and every one in the family adores him.  He's at a gangly, skinny stage right now. If he were a teenager, he'd probably have acne.  But he eats like a horse.  He's just growing so fast."  - Pat L. 

Jet is going to be a cattle dog in the mid-west!  


Well we named our pup Jet. He is doing well. He is potty trained and has learned the sit and leash on commands. He does get excited around my girls and has a tendancy to bite at their heels. Other than that all is well!"

Joel-Mindy-Jacie-Kyla-Makailyn-Haidyn    (Lass x McCloud)

Clair is going to be trained for sheep herding!  

"Just wanted to give you a quick update.  Clair is doing very well.  She is fitting in well with all the people and animals in our house.  She is learning very quickly and is a joy to have around.  We are all already in love with her.  Feel free to check in on her anytime.  Thank you."  - Morgan D.      (Lass x McCloud)

"I am sending some new pictures of Piper, she is growing like crazy. Her legs get longer every day it seems. We have started some puppy training classes. She is a whiz, she learned how to give 5 in less than one day! She seems to be bonded to us and is a terrific traveler. She is going on vacation with us next week. She is scared of some things at first (thunder) but seems to adjust very quickly and not be nervous the next time. She is so SOCIAL! Loves people and other dogs. We are so pleased with her, thanks for such a wonderful girl!"
- Jaime H.  (8/14/09) (Lass x  Tweed)


     " I hope all is going well, I wanted to send you a few updated pictures of Cameron (Female 4) from your last litter.  She is progressing beautifully and started her Obedience training last week.  She will be getting spayed in about three weeks and once she has completed her Obedience training we are going to look into starting her on some Agility work.  He roommate and dog pal Oscar (The Cattle Dog in one of the pictures below) has been waiting for his Agility and Flyball partner for months now and they are great together.  I look forward to her continued progress, she surpasses my expectations everyday and I am continually surprised at her brilliance and growth.  She is beautiful, intelligent, lean and ready to work...I could not be happier!!

PS. She has grown very fond of Ana one of our kitties and I could watch them for hours, Cameron in herding position and Ana making her work for it, I am trying to snap a shot of them but they are so quick its hilarious to watch."

- Michelle M. (Lass x Tweed) 

Cameron as a small puppy!

        "I hope all is going well, I just wanted to send a couple pictures and a quick update on Cameron's (F4) progress.  She is doing wonderfully and I could not be happier.  She has a strong personality full of intelligence, spirit and fire.  She has spent the last couple weeks getting to know her brother dogs and friends and now if fully comfortable playing, stalking and keeping the big boys on there toes.  I cannot wait until she is old enough for agility her fierceness and independence are going to be great assets and her loyalty is already evident as she sure knows how to stick close to her new mom."

        "Hope all is going well with your farm and the other puppies, I cannot imagine a single person who would not be happy with the beautifully tempered and adorable pups you put forth. "

- Michelle M.

Playing with her toys!

"Thought I would give you an update on Gilly (Clare).  I just got sheep of my own last week.  I have been working with Nancy Obernier up here and she seems to be coming along very well.  I am just starting to work with her more now that I have sheep.  Hope things are going well and I am sure we will see you around.  Thanks." - Morgan D.  (Lass x McCloud 2008 litter) 

Quinn at 9.5 weeks (Lass x Tweed) - he is going to be an Agility dog!

"He blew us away yesterday evening. I had a young BC out here in the AM and did some of the jump chutes (cavalettis to horse folks). Had 4 jumps at 8"  51/2 feet apart and then the distance one way out at 20". I have only clicked Quinn for driving over a 2" jump bump twice. We took him in there with the pack to show him the agility water trough since it's lower. Opened the gate, sat him down, and the little rascal took off and took all four 8" jumps! Had Meg and John with me who immediately said, wow, you've really worked him-NOT!! He shouldn't be jumping jumps at all! I couldn't believe he sequenced those jumps. Then we taught him the tunnel. He loves running through that. This AM I taught him the tire(sitting at ground level, of course). If I can just harness his smarts for good instead of evil! He also was working on squeezing through the gate this AM!"  

- Ginny M.

"He is the best puppy! So cute, so smart and so loving! We absolutely love him!! Both his ears are up... and he had his first visit to the vet. he has another one next tuesday.  Thank you so much Catherine!  You did good!! We couldn't be happier!!
I will send you pictures very soon...oh, and he get along beautifully with our other dogs...so funny, he just jumps all over them...they love it and so does he.
Thanks again,
Vera"  (Lass x Tweed)

Quinn in the flowers!

"IS THAT THING REAL???" - Quinn at 12 weeks

Here is Apollo (Jill x Tweed) loving on his cat!!

Here is Apollo in the snow!  Thanks Connie for the pictures!!!

Here is Nixie playing with her soft toy!  (Lass x Tweed)

"He is doing great ! He has been with me everyday but one. He really likes all the guys at the fire station . I enjoy him everyday and he is so smart. Thanks again."  Zach

(Lass x Tweed)

Here is Jesse and his owner Al Sirica. (Jill x Tweed)
Jesse is also doing obedience work too!

Jesse learning to work sheep!

Here are Jesse and Sis working as a team!

Quinn the water dog!

"MY Ball!!! Nooooo MY BALL!!  - Quinn and Sister Tess


Penny (Lass x McCloud) enjoying her toy!

Penny on her deck!

Quinn practicing agility! (Lass x Tweed)

Go puppy go!

Waiting patiently for the ball to be thrown!  (Quinn)

Quinn swimming at 6 months old.

Quinn's 6 month picture

Quinn's first Christmas!

Here is a gorgeous picture of Zach's Lass and Tweed puppy taken Dec. 09!