Skyview Axle (ABC 316641)

Axle is a son of our Lass and David Henry's McCloud!  (Well, now our McCloud!)  He is a handsome fellow with a great personality and while a "full throttle" dog, he quiets down and listens well.  He is keen and confident and he has begun his herding training.  He is extremely intelligent, sweet and learns very quickly and has the power and stamina to work all day.  Axle's DNA is normal for CEA, his hips were rated Good by OFA at 15 months.  Axle has gone to a wonderful new home, where he is adored! 

Axle in July 2009!  

To me - it looks like they are racing to the sheep!  Axle learning to herd for the first time!

Okay - that is better! Axle in March 2009.

Pictures below are taken at 7 months!

Axle with friend Ginny!

Axle sharing a quiet moment with Cassie (Jill x Tweed puppy)

Clockwise from rear:  Jill, her daughter Pig (getting her ear scatched), Cassie (Jill's daughter from 2008 litter),
Lass and her son, Axle.  This is an amazing bunch of Border Collies!

Pictures above by D. Clements!

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